Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Shower 4 Shay

I've never thrown a baby shower before until a month ago when we had one for Valli, and here I am throwing another one... so if I have throw a third one does that saying convert from 3rd time a bridesmaid never the bride. 3rd time the baby shower thrower, never a baby! CRAP!!! Nobody ask me to throw another baby shower till I'm mommy!
I made this cute little album for the cards, and I actually sat there as they were opening presents and punched a hole in each card to add to it.
OK, I lied! I didnt throw it on my own... Caitlin was my other half and I couldn't have done it without her! Its a good thing too cuz she brought the things I totally forgot about and vice versa!
Caitlin & I are visiting teachers together and when we visited Shay the week before we saw how little they had for their baby. They're living with a friend and have no income and a baby on the way. We saw the list of things they had for their baby, it was like 5 Newborn (NB) tops, 3NB bottoms, a few onesies, & a carseat... thus the Baby Shower!
I dont know why I like the M&M counting game but I just do, probably because its so colorful! Can you guess how many M&M's are in that jar? Lennis did, she was only off by one.
This is Shay & her husband Allen, he insisted on coming so we made him hold up all the gifts and show them off. Peggy made these two beautiful quilts.
Laci, Shay, Caitlin

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Mahana said...

I'm sad I couldn't make! Glad it went well!