Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy FUN Weekend

First off we got dumped on and this is how much, it seemed like 3 feet in one night
I got 6 package slips in the mail in one day, how amazing is that... so I went to the P.O. at 5pm expecting to stand in line for over an hour to find only 2 people in line, took 5 min. Apparently they asked everyone to stay home that day because of weather and all the snow, I didnt know... but roads were fine! Talk about luck, and that same day I got 2 FedEx packages also!
Christmas Ward Party! We wrote the 5 missionaries from our ward. These are my friends who got married this spring, they're fun.
JD had a party Sat. night and Dan disappeared with his chainsaw for about an hour and came walking out of the woods with this for JD.
He's really good at this stuff! He did this one in the dark and quickly!
Sunday we went to the parents house for dinner and afterwards we lazed around a bit, and I thought it was funny to look up as we're all talking and see this... Ken & Cindy bought eachother laptops for Christmas!

And today us girls made carmeled pretzels!
...with chocolate!
Then Lico from upstairs was bored and came over to help, he took over the whole kitchen and finished up for us, the funny thing was that he loved every bit of it!

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Mahana said...

OMG! That pic with you and packages made me laugh so hard...and got me a little jealous! I only got two packages yesterday :(

BY the way.... o.k. I'll concede that Moose isn't a delicacy :) At least not for people like you and me! AND do tell me you are coming to the Christmas EVE party? It's at William's house. Come any time between 5p-7p!