Saturday, January 2, 2010

B4 Christmas...

R took me on a date to see our first 3D movie, by the way Avatar is alright only if you see it in 3D, but I wouldnt pay money to see it again. Dont know what all the hype was about!
We picked up this bum on the side of the street on our way to a Christmas party, he had some strange attachment to Cindy, wierd... Oh wait, that looks like Landon our lil brother, oh yup, my mistake. How could I have mistaken HIM for a bum, he looks legit, right?

This gift exchange was for $25. gift cards instead of gifts. We got the best ones: REI and Visa!
Wow, this is pretty much our only Christmas pic together

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Valli said...

Super awesome pictures! You and Ryan are way cute.