Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Merry Day

Ok, I'm posting these for those family members who were not here and would like to see all the hubbub from our Christmas day.
Here's some of the goodies I got R. A zombie tee, awesome sailboat tie, and a ruger 10/22
(shirt says: In case of zombie apocalypse choose your weapon)

I got the coolest new pots and pans set from my awesome lover

Yeah, that's a lighter...

From R's brother
Papa got all the boys this awesome predator call, Byron and Spencer opened theirs at the same time and had a who-can-be-the-loudest contest. And the other boys convinced Spencer that his call wasnt as loud as the others... boys!
Marky & Lanisha got mom a new set of scriptures
Ok, so we got Marky batteries... I know what you're thinking, but when we asked him what he wanted for Christmas he'd say "oh, just some movies" so after getting some movie which I thought was a boring gift I asked him again telling him he cant say movies. He thought for a minute and said "ya know, there is something I could use. Batteries. I'm always looking for batteries". So we bought the big packs at costco, and told him he's not allowed to share. Also being the considerate sister that I am I made him one of those record bowls to keep them in.
This is what R made for his brother who's been making and giving them away. There's a dog in this one and a baby cuz they're due to have their first child in Feb.
These are not just any underwear, they are from Victoria's Secret and they have nutcrackers on them. Enough Said! Good think'in mom!
Thread cabinet with 100 threads, now she can sew forever!
Mark's bear skin. Mom is mounting it for him, that's his present. Pretty cool huh?

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