Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knik In January

It seems that we are starting a yearly tradition. Around this time every year we make a pilgrimage to the Knik River drainage. Last year was less enjoyable due in part to the -30 degree temp and one frozen solid radiator. For those of you prone memory lapses look up that post and you'll find a video of Laci warming her hands with a blow torch........shudder. This year however was quite the mid-winter romp, still cold, but thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Gassing up before the play date is a must, snacks and forgotten necessities should be purchased at this time as stores at Jim Creek are hard to come by.

Once we got to the riverbed we partook in the obligatory donut fest in celebration of high octane fuel and being an American.

Lots of folks had been having trouble with this section of ice. It looked like a battle zone with the broken trees, holes in the ice from the frustrated drivers spinning tires, fire pits to warm the tired crews and the bullet casings.

As you can see the riverbed never really warms up during the winter months. But in cold there is beauty, something like how people say a wild fire is beautiful.....but then you realize that these are the same people that frequent hospitals because they like sick people..........Hmmmmmm......

Well thats all the time I have for now. Look for a continuing post soon.
And for the mean time here's a cute video of Alex shooting the .22

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A-n-D said...

Awesome pictures Laci! I love the top one, and I always love reading about your adventures.