Saturday, May 1, 2010

(Part 2) Mexico Cruise

The only reason I knew what day it was on the ship is because they put it in the elevator. Swapped them out at midnight.
This pic cracks me up every time I look at it. Dont ask, I dont even know.

YAY!!! The coolest town in Mexico was Zihuatanejo. If you ever move to Mexico, go THERE!!!
R bought a hammock from some guy on the street. Made him throw in some rope too so we could use it on the beach.

This is one of the many street vendors's shops. LOTS of pottery! I bought some! It is COOL!!!

YES!! I caught this.
OK, that's a lie!
But I did get permission to take a pic with it! Sunset from our room was AMAZING! I'm so glad we had a window, so worth it!
So every time someone asked us what part of ALASKA we were from I'd show them the hand Alaska symbol (as pictured) and point it out. The couple at dinner couldnt get enough of it, they kept asking us what part we were from just so we could show them. (they were pretty much drunk the entire time)
Our waitress Felicitas was from the Philippines and she was the greatest! She would call me "Maaa'aaam" with a voice inflection at the end.
Ok, our other waiter was also the greatest. Zakar was from India, and he was crazy!

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