Friday, June 18, 2010

Our home-made greenhouse of love

This is the coolest greenhouse ever, why you ask? Because R built it!

My 8 ball zucchini, they're a lot bigger now, I took these pics 2 weeks ago. (I'm just really good at procrastinating)

Along this wall we have all the tomato plants that R started on the shelf and some more in the tires on the floor.

At first I thought "oh how cool, a moose track I'll take a pic" until that moose charged me and tried to kill me, if it hadnt gotten spooked I'd be the hospital right now. Now I dont go to the greenhouse without my gun.

R built this amazing dock, makes it so easy to water the plants, oh and this is one of the ponds on the upper property.
See all our little baby froggies in the other pond? I cant wait till their legs grow in and they lose their tale, they can eat all the mosquitos up there. This whole pond is covered in them!
We bought 2 of these trees at Lowe's on sale for $15. and their red haralson's semi-dwarf trees.

Have to show the pretty flowers R's mom gave me with the cute pot.
I'm just getting the finishing touches on the room, then I can start putting stuff away.

Check out my new countertop, its black slate and has the same texture too, I had it made from Kustom Kitchen's and had them cut it so I could stand up to it, so its not a 90* angle. Isnt it beautiful! I cant wait to get everything in its place.

And these are the black cubes I got on clearance to put some of my stuff in. They're the best for scrapbooking!


Katie said...

Wow, love the Greenhouse! Your scrapbooking room is coming along! I'm so jealous! Its going to be amazing! Can't wait to see the 'finished' pictures!

Valli said...

The greenhouse is amazing! I love the new ocunter. It's going to look so great when it's done. Oh and the flower pot is super cute.