Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st LO's from my new room

Well my room isnt quite all put together just yet but its coming along. I got so sick of going through boxes of stuff trying to find homes for everything so I gave up and started scrapbooking. Which took twice as long because I need to find all my tools before I can really do much. Oh well!
So this is what I did. When I got all antsy I just grabbed the first picture album I could see and grabbed the first photos that were in the front and went to town.

This 1st one the pics of the beginning of our Girls trip to DisneyWorld last summer, pics are just in the airport b4 we even left, we met Valli down in FL at her time share.

These are pics from when JD, Caitlin and us went to Lava Hot Springs one weekend and stopped in at the Fairbanks Ice Festival.

That's all for now but OH there will be more. Just you wait till my room is all finished!


CindyM said...

1rst page, I liked the way you set your pics at an angle...It was an "attention grabber"...The second pics making them look like ice cubes, very cool(haha)...very artsy!...Good Job!! CindyM

Valli said...

Do you mean Chena Hot Springs?
Nice pages!