Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newest additions to craft room

I really cant explain in words how excited I am to have an actual craft room. So that's why I keep posting stuff about it. Its taking a lot longer than I thought to organize everything, I got a LOT of stuff. One of my favorite scrapbooking go-to items is buttons. I love having them out in the open so I knew a kitchen scale was just the thing... and not just any kitchen scale an old fashion red one.
Last Sat. I was out and about kinda early with time to spare and on my way home I stopped in at a yard sale where I saw a big bag of thread on WOODEN SPOOLS, how cool is that. Bag was $4.00 but I didnt have any cash, so I walked away wondering why I even stopped. All morning I was thinking about them in the back of my mind cuz I've always wanted wooden spool, so about noon I stole $4. from Ryan's cash stash and went down there just in time to beat an old lady who was about to grab them. HAHA Ok, she wasnt that old, but she already had crafty stuff in her hands and I know she would've taken them. So here they are and I'll display them on my wall. There were a whole bunch that were just empty spools so I took some of them and strung them on wire and hung them up in my room in the shape of a heart... I know, I'm so clever!!

And remember my red? I decided to hang my ribbon from it. I was hesitant because I thought Bocy would see it as her personal playground but she doesnt even care unless she hasnt realized what it is yet.
I put the rest of my ribbon in jars by color on the lower shelves of my embellishment center. I also have my mists, some inks, and flowers in jars in here. As well as the ribbon, the red ribbon spools wouldnt fit inside so I had to hang them.


Valli said...

I want to see pictures of the heart shaped spools.

elizabeth kartchner said...

love your studio shots!

thanks for the comment... glad you're a quirky as me. :)

NinaN said...

Looooove your kitchen scale/button holder! And I would also like to see pics of the heart shaped spools :)

april said...

Laci, just wanted to answer your question about the Studio Calico stamp sets. Yes, we will sell them online 2 months after they are available to retailers around the middle of November.