Monday, August 9, 2010

Random bits of our summer

This is the flower R got me for our Anniversary in April, it bloomed again! SO HAPPY!!
My tiny flower garden is blooming too.
Lately I've been eating salmon burgers for lunch and let me tell you how awesome it is to just go outside and grab some fresh lettuce out of the garden. LOVELY!!! Pretty soon it'll be tomatoes too.
My lettuce outside
The few peas that didnt get destroyed by the moose
This little guy just had his 1 year transplant anniversary, we made red cupcakes to celebrate and Lisa cooked tons of WONDERFUL food.

I made a blanket for Bocy and right away she knew it was hers, I was in the middle of tying the ends when she fell asleep on it here.
Just before I took this pic, Bocy was sleeping on the back of the tractor, but as soon as I came out to take her picture she jumped down.
Remember my wooden spools of thread, well I displayed them here on my cubes along with my wire dress form and R's first camera (he's a better photographer than I)
Some of you wanted to see the heart I made of wooden spools. Here you go!
This is my wall of LOVE!! I framed one of my love note from my husband (one of many), and hung up his award from the academy. Can you believe I found it in the garbage??!!

Also, we just bought a NEW book case. Isnt it beautiful, its in our bedroom and I just cleaned it yesterday so havent had a chance to put all our books on it yet. R will be happy to get the last boxes out of his garage.

Gotta get ready for camping, later this week I should have some fun camping pics. Hopefully sunny weather pics, but most likely wet ones. We havent really had a sun since MAY!!

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