Thursday, August 12, 2010


YEAH!!! Today is my birthday, and my B-DAY is AWESOME!!! Every time someone asked me how old I was I'd minus 1 year. I got down to 15 y.o. OH YEAH!!! So anyways! I have our wonderful neighbors over right now so I'm gonna go. I'll post pics of my BDay later for you all. R dropped me off at the salon and said "I already paid for it all, have fun" so I went in and had my hair dyed black and styled and got a manicure. But more on that later.
Also, on a scrapbooking note, HERE'S a website that's having a FREE online class e-mailed to you directly. I dont know much about it but I'm gonna check it out. Laci


NinaN said...

Happy Birthday!

Valli said...

Yay for Birthdays!
Way to go Ryan. Glad you enjoyed your Birthday Laci.