Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cutest little thang you eva did see!!!

This is pretty old, umm, like back in beginning of April old. My sister came to visit and brought the 1st baby of my family. Little baby Madeline, such a charmer that one! Sis told me that people tell her all the time how Madeline looks like a porcelain doll, and after looking through all the pictures I took during her visit I now know why. She would always do that pose that you see most dolls do. She had it down too! This is it!
She was so charming that R would drop anything and everything he was doing just to entertain her. (Notice her bib??)

We had a little 'come meet Madeline' party for all the family and friends who would give Valli crap for not letting them meet baby... nobody showed. Well, I take that back because my neighbors came and hung out with us. Thanks Lisa!
JD had a soft spot for her too. He'd hold her and say "you need to learn to sit still... she'll never learn unless you hold her here" I think he just wanted to hog her.
Being the camera person that I am, I had to take some poser shots as well!

Looking at these pics makes me miss her..... I miss you too Valli!

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