Friday, July 2, 2010

Here FISHY FISHY FISHY, I just wanna eat you!

(I know I'm not so good at this blogging thing in the summer, and sometimes I post 2 different posts, or in this case 3. So feel free to read all of them)
R's parents were so awesome to take us out fishing last week. So here are a few pics of our fun journey.

Fishing out of Whittier
Kayaking and stuff
Someone caught a skate, cant remember if it was R or his dad...

Just as we were coming into a little cove we must have hit a rock. It was so loud and destroyed our prop, good thing Ken carries a spare.

No fish in Whittier so we pulled out and headed to Homer.
This is the glassy waters out of Seldovia.
2nd day we were surrounded by many whales, so we fished near them. Where there's whales, there's halibut... apparently. Cuz that's where Ken caught a halibut with his bare hands.
This is a lonely halibut that surfaced near the boat, he followed his buddy up who was on Jordan's line.

This is the fisherman who caught that halibut with his bare hands!

Jordan started with this piece of bait, and about 20 halibut later it dwindled down to this (a piece or pieces of halibut skin)... and he was still catching fish with it. Silly boy!!! But very effective!

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Valli said...

What an awesome trip!
Dave and I were talking about it the other day. You guys are hard core. That's why we love you!
And Ken's a total stud for catching a halibut with his hands. That's amazing!