Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quick Seward Trip

This last week we made a quick trip down to Seward and back to help R's boss fix his boat trailer. I got to sit in the sun with a really fun Korean lady as we cheered on the boys. Before we drove home we went and checked out the boats, of coarse! Some nice guy even let us go down inside of his, there's a bunch of people living on their boats and they have all know eachother. It sounds like our little neighborhood. Anyways, heres a boat we really liked and will someday own something like it.
This guy was jumping in the gut pit and pulling out halibut carcasses, it was funny to watch him smack them around in the water, he got between these 2 boats and was just thrashing it against the side of them.
He'd jump up inside of here and even though it'd look like he was tangled up in this net he always managed to get through. He was BIG guy!
I'm also posting some pics over on my Photography blog, so if you wanna see them check it out HERE!!

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A-n-D said...

Laci, your pictures are GORGEOUS, like always. I love the colors! Can I hire you to take my family/kid's pictures? Seriously, what do you charge and when could you do it??