Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dont cross a frozen creek when its not frozen!

This last weekend Ryan got the truck all put back together, he rebuilt the transmission and has been wanting to go wheel'in so bad.  So we headed out to Jim Creek after a little fiasco of dropping the trailer off in the ditch from a slick hill...  but we made it to Jim Creek w/o breaking or hurting anything.  We'd heard about the previous weekends when everyone who went out ended up sliding into trees or falling through the ice.  Well, this is OUR STORY!
 The first crossing was great, all ice!
 The 2nd crossing however was lots of running water so we tried scouting different routes, this is how well it went for Jordan.

 Get a good look at this spot, cuz this is where we stayed till WAY after dark!
 Because of this!

And of coarse our air pump broke this last summer.
So one truck headed out to get it fixed while most of us just hung out around a HUGE campfire (thanks to Ryan's pyro mother) Thanks Cindy!  And we got to see a few other people fall through the ice while waiting as well.


Anonymous said...

Your pics are super...I need copies. Even though we didn't make it to the glacier it was a lot of fun...the only thing missing was the hot dogs and marshmellows... CindyM

Anonymous said...

looks like fun. I will try to send you son of the snowmobiling pics Love POPA