Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craft/Home Decor Flea Market

Craft & Home Decor Flea Market

When: Saturday, January 15th

Time: Noon-6pm

Where: Boys and Girls Club – 3700 East Bogard Road in Wasilla

I know its kinda late but if you're not busy today come over to the Wasilla Boys & Girls club where they're having a Flea Market.  I have a table, so come and buy my junk!  I know you'll LOVE it.  I have a few home-made items, LOTS of scrapbook supplies and embellishments, pre-packed scrapbook kits, my re-designed chairs, and just lots of stuff.

I'm really hoping a lot of people show up because it takes a long time to put price tags on everything and get it all together.  I'm a little bummed cuz I havent seen any advertising from the people putting it on.  I checked Craigslist, bulletin boards, radio ads, and so far havent heard anything about it.  So I took the effort to put it on Craigslist and send out e-mails and such to all the crafty people I know.

But no worries, if I show up in the morning and they dont even have signs out and nobody comes, I'm getting my $ back.   Anyways, enough rambling, if you're out and about come check it out.  Hopefully the wind will stop for the day, or else I dont even wanna leave the house!

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Mahana said...

Wish I had seen this earlier! Hope it went well!