Thursday, February 3, 2011

My very own tool!!!

Remember when I re-finished my dining room chairs?  Well I've been searching for the perfect table to go with them for quite a while now and I found it the other day at a thrift store.
You gotta see this beauty, its got beautiful legs!
I wanted a round table with a leaf and legs that came down in the middle so I wont have a problem scooting my chairs in.
Oh, and look at the beautiful sander Cindy got me for Christmas!
I was very excited to have my VERY OWN tool! And YES, R knows its mine!
 I kept trying to get before pics but R was always welding and it was really smoky in the garage so this is the first pic that turned out.  You can see it had some good burn stains on it!
 And here they are...
 Isnt it Gorgeous?
Just say YES!
So I'm thinking of doing it the same as the chairs, paint it all white and swipe the antique glaze in the cracks and on the edges?  What do you think?  Should I do that and paint the entire top black? or just leave the top all white?  I dont really know at this point!  Any advice would be helpful! 
So if it were your table what would you do? 
I dont mind if you say you'd stain it a wood color, or even paint the whole thing pink I really wanna know what you'd do!


Anonymous said...

Black will show every finger touch @ 100' . you know me I would go with a lite wood stain. But after saying that you have sutprised me with some gourgouse (cant spell) things. Go with down your own path.
Love ya POPA..

Katie (Call) Webb said...

I would go with a stained wood :) Dark. I'm sure whatever you decide it will turn out amazing! You do good work!

Anonymous said...

Nice..nice...lovely legs! I would leave the top white. But, that's because I love white...that's just me. CindyM

Valli said...

Nice table. Yay for tools!
I'd stick with the wood grain on top. A dark stain that you're happy with. Or a light one to make the kitchen. I'm partial to a dark one right now that I can't remember the name of. I'll send it to you. Then top with a clear poly. Then I'd paint the legs to match the chairs. That white with the black glaze turned out nice.
Love the table legs by the way.