Monday, January 31, 2011

Who loves Valentine packages???

I DO I DO!!!  OH ME!!  PICK ME!!!

So the other day, Wednesday to be exact I was babysitting Elizabeth as her mom was in Seattle with Henry for the day and her daddy was busy.  We went to go check the mail and this is what I see!

E & I were both so excited to get home and open it, we ripped it open so fast... 
If you dont me very well, I have to tell you that Valentine's in my FAVORITE holiday!
My sister sent me this package full of Valentine goodies!  It was great!  And it couldnt have come at a better time.  E found the card inside and asked to open it, she ripped it out, opened it and shoved it in my face all excited for me to read it.  It read:
"Happy Valentine's Day!  We hope you enjoy your favoritest holiday! We love you! V&M"
As soon as I read it E said "Wow, your sister is SOOOOO nice, we should send her something!"
Anyways you probably just wanna know what was inside it...
 Apparently kids do the darndest things when you're trying to take a pic! 
 (sorry Lisa, I dont actually let her do that)
 This is hanging on my wall in the dining room
 Here's the contents of the mitt, also not pictured is a cool multi-colored whisk.  Cuz I also have an infatuation with whisks, I dont even know if she knew that!
Thanks Valli & Baby!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my morning Laci :) That Vali, she is so clever. What a thoughtful, tasteful, treat! CindyM

Valli said...

Guess I lucked out on the whisk. Good to know.