Monday, January 24, 2011

There's NO Fish in Memory Lake!

We decided we're gonna get into Ice Fishing as a cheap winter hobby so this last weekend we called up Mark to invite him with us (he's been ice fishing for years and knows all the stuff we want to know, and he has an auger), so we call him to find out he's already going out with Byron and some other people, then I find out JD's out there and he invited my aunt & uncle who flew into town from AZ.  All the boys in my family ended up out there so we figured out where it was and headed on over to Sportsman's to buy our equipment and got over there.  When we walked down to the lake there were about a dozen different fishermen and tents out there, we get down there to find out they're all with us, all but 1.  
Even though we didnt catch any fish, or even get a nibble, it was still pretty fun.
A guy came down from his house cuz apparently Mapquest pointed out the parking for Memory Lake on (what he claimed) private property, so he told us how we shouldnt park there and then continued to tell everyone how he's never seen anyone catch a fish in that lake.  Sorry Byron!
B picked the lake, but I guess the Russians live around there and have cleaned out that lake, so next time we'll just have to go further away from Russia... is that how it works?

And NO, that's not my Mt. Dew!  Just had to clear that up!
AWFUL stuff!


Valli said...

What fun! You all look like pros. I've never been ice fishing. Sad for a person who grew up in Alaska. Then again I've never been skiing in the state either.

Great pictures!

Laci J said...

WHAT??? Yes you have! Remember when I was like 8 our parents bought us all ski's for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

realy like the pics. Memory lake is where I took grand ma and grandpa and they caught fish left and right from the canoe. thanks for sharing

Valli said...

Let me clarify. I've never been downhill sking in Alaska.