Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What baby-sitters SHOULD do!

OK, so Lisa called and asked us to watch the kids so they could go to the Temple.  I'll never say no to that, they're like my own children and I actually wish they could just spend the night.
I didnt get pics of everything we did, which I kinda regret now!
So as soon as they got here we had coloring time while I made them omelettes with ham, bell peppers, onions, cheese and such, just to find out E wont touch it because she's scared of the tomato looking things (peppers) and Henry wont touch it cuz he doesnt like ham and has to follow his sister in not eating the red things.  So round 2!
Then we built a SWEET fort upstairs by the couches which included the TV on the inside so I decided we needed to pop some corn and watch some Simpsons ('The Simpson's go to New York' very funny!)
Oh I also forgot to mention how they helped me organize my scrapbook stuff, we had a cool little system where Henry would grab a package of thickers and hold it while I put a clip on it, then he'd hand it to Elizabeth who would hang it on my clip it up... took 10 times longer than if I'd done it myself but I'm glad they were learning to work together!
Then R decided we should make stick ponies!
We let the kids pick out a sock (of coarse out of the "no pair" pile), they picked out their own buttons for eyes, and we went to town!  R & E even braided the reigns!  They turned out great!  We'd just finished them when J & L pulled in the driveway!  So now, according to those kids we are the BEST baby-sitters ever!
But honestly, we did all that fun stuff so they'd forget about all the bad stuff (us getting frustrated and getting mad at them, and us telling them that crying and whining noises only make us mad, and then some) but of coarse when mommy and daddy showed up they're all excited to show them what we did. Score!

Oh and as I was cooking my omelette I heard them both sitting at the computer ooh-ing and aw-ing (or just laughing) over my scrapbook pages.  I thought it was cute so I had to capture it!  But then they got more quiet once I pulled out the camera!


Anonymous said...

You guys ARE awesome babysitters! That video clip was so cute...I loved the was E. said "Oh, he's cute." CindyM

LisaJoelm said...

Our little E & H LOVE you guys! You're the PERFECT parents. We are informed daily of the things that you guys do that are better. :) We are just grateful to have wonderful friends and "Godparents" for out kids!!!! They have been playing with the ponies all day! That's why I think they say it takes a village to raise child. Together the four of us make pretty good team! haha

A-n-D said...

oh, too fun! I'm bringing mine over next. ;)

Valli said...

"He's cute!" Bawhaha
Has Brother B seen this yet?
Love the ponies!