Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Living/Coping with Children

You know you have children in your house if/ when:
You constantly hear "I didnt do it"

You go to the bathroom to get away & sit on a wet toilet

my nicely hung pj's end up in different places every time I go to the closet
(just suprised they're still on a hanger actually)

your trying to type a blog while they eat breakfast but you contstantly hear "I spilled, I spilled..."

the cat is found up high in places I never knew she could get

juice is always spilled on the floor

my cell phone has turned into a radio that can call Japan for hours at a time
(yet somehow they're just talking to a dog)

I can find my flashlight every 30 min in random places around the house... ON

my scrapbook room has turned into a princess dungeon & is now "clean" meaning I cant find a darn thing anymore

movies only seem to last 20 min long

there's a peeping tom staring at me all night long but it turns out to be just a creepy toy left on the window

even a teddy bear can cause lots of pain

"dont touch my box" means please jump on the box till its broken and everything inside sounds like broken glass

my table can jump out & hit people now

items I'm selling on eBay disappear just as I'm suppose to ship them

pictures are like trampolines (so much fun to jump on)

Henry gets candy when he goes potty on the toilet...
& he only has to go potty when he's in the room w/ the candy jar, about every 15 min. STRANGE!!!

my yoga mat is a magic carpet ride, & magically appears EVERYWHERE

'Who can be the quietest' is now my FAVORITE game

hanging upside down on the stairs and falling onto your head doesnt actually break your neck

hours spent cooking yummy food is not edible, but anything thrown together in 2 minutes is amazing

my bag of hair clips have ALWAYS been broken

apparently my parents taught me the wrong song, its D-I-S-C-O
& disco was the game-o

my blush brush is stacked nicely with the DVD's

it takes 2 hours to finish this blog post...

I honestly dont know how you all do it!  I think I need therapy!
Whoops, gotta go, heard something break!


Mahana said...

HAHAHA! Ah, this sounds all to familiar! The fact that it only took you 2 hours to do that post and put up pictures is a small miracle! If you're looking for a break, bring the kids over for a playdate tomorrow! I think the only thing we'll be doing is the story time at the palmer library at 10:30am. You should take the kids to that and then if it's sunny outside we could hit up the park!

Anonymous said...

Oh Laci, you are sooo funny! And you very accurately describe a day in life with small children!! CindyM

Katie Webb said...

All I can do is laugh! Kids are INSANE!!

Anonymous said...

OH to true. Gota love O.P. kids.

Inspector Clouseau said...

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