Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whittier Dive 2011

This past weekend we went to Whittier with the Water Rescue Dive Team as R is in training and this was his first ocean dive.  I have to say he did really well for having his suit tear and freezing his hands real bad.
I was very proud of him!  He was also the fastest to suit up every time!
I threw in a few scenery pics as I had lots of time to play with my camera.

 Neil was his dive partner & did just as good.  Ken & Cindy brought the boat down so we were able to stay on the boat and watch them dive.

I learned that when you wave to a diver that means you're in distress and need help, so if you want to say hi or acknowledge eachother you touch the top of your head with your arm in an arch, like below.


Mahana said...

Brr! But very awesome that he gets to be certified. Makes me want to go the next time I'm near a WARM ocean :) Probably ought to find my divers certified card first and do a brush up course first! Diving it lots of fun! Looks like you guys had some nice weather!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lets go dive.. I still Have my B.C. and tank weights ect..
Love POPA..