Saturday, May 21, 2011

Remember when some babies were UGLY???

I remember when I was younger and I'd see a new mom all proud of her new little baby and she's be showing her off and I'd be thinking "she should cover that thing up and just say she has a cute baby" ...
Of coarse I never said that their face... I dont think... well, you'd have to ask my parents cuz I know I use to say a lot of random, nobody cares what I say cuz I'm a kid, kinda things.  Well, that's different now that I'm an adult.  Its actually rude to tell someone that their baby is ugly... and not worth it!

You go try to tell someone "umm, excuse me, you might want to make your baby stop smiling because she's scaring the elderly" or such. 

Well, I've must've moved past that... quite recently.

Right now, every baby I see makes me wanna cry (and not in the scary way), but because they're so cute and cuddly and most of them are happy!

Today I was at Freddy's and moving quickly when a cart jumped out of the isle and would've hit me, I was glaring at the person before I could even see them, then I see this super cute little girl (~12 months) and as soon as she saw me she just gave this huge smile and started giggling really loud, then I saw the dad pushing the cart who didnt even seem to notice me, or that his daughter was doing something and kept on going. 

My first thought's "Dang that's such a cute little girl"
2nd: Wow, I didnt judge scream and run away from that little girl who was still bald and had a huge forhead... in fact, to me she was quite adorable.  I know if I'd seen her in my (not so distant) past I probably would have made a course correction and ran the other way.

What's wrong with me?


Mahana said...

uh oh. You have baby hunger. I had it too and all babies were cute before I was done having kids. Now I have to bite my tongue (even when looking at old photos of my own kids!!).

Anonymous said...

All I know all my kids were cute. And still keep getting better>>.
Love POPA>