Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm so SUPER excited!!!

Check out our rental car for California!
You're probably wondering why I'd rent a car in CA when you thought we were going on a cruise... hmm, simple answer, BOTH! Our cruise doesnt leave till Feb. 1st but we bought our tickets to go down a week early to play. Thus, the rental Jeep.
OK, well I'm really excited about it. I spent an hour and a half searching for the best rental car deals from the San Diego Airport and before I did R and I decided to go with a convertible to just have fun, I mean why not? So I did my awesome searches and I found this deal for the same amount as a regular car, and it's unlimited mileage. And to think I almost rented a Chevy Malibu for the same price, ppffft. And how many times do you think "naw, I can rent a car when we get there..." then once there all the good cars are gone. Yeah, not this time, I'm planning everything to work out just right.
And more good news, we found out that R's parents house in AZ is only 5 hours drive from San Diego so we wanna go check out their vacation house and now we can do some awesome 4x-ing on the way.

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