Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Road Trip (Cali 2 AZ)

So I know I suck at updating this blog, but I have good reasons. So much has happened in the last 2 months its crazy. Once we got home from vacation I had nose surgery, yeah like the movie stars... oh wait, except mine doesnt look any diferent on the outside. Its even better than looks, I CAN BREATHE!!! WooHOO! I've never been able to breathe through my nose, and I tell you it is something wonderful.

Anyways, since I was going to be having surgery by an ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) I called a few days before surgery and said "hey, just remove my tonsils at the same time" and they did... and that's another story, to keep it short I pretty much dont remember the following 3 weeks after surgery.
Then we scurried like crazy to get the house finished for carpet for Valli's arrival, yeah that's another story also.

So, I'm gonna recap our trip since we havent shared any of it yet.
We flew into Cali and rented our car... not a JEEP. I was so mad they didnt have our jeep after I reserved and PAID for it. Dont ever use FOX rental car!!! Anyways after waiting around a day for our Jeep and realizing it wasnt gonna happen we took off to go see Ken and their awesome house in AZ.

But while awaiting the call from the rental company we hung out in La Jolla for and found this awesome sushi restaurant, oh and the biggest Victoria's Secret I've ever been too (and it wasn't in a mall).
OK, I'll shutup and show you some pics.

Yes, that's a flame of fire, cool huh?

So after dropping $80. we packed up our leftover scrumptious sushi, took pics with the masters and got out of that over-priced town, (only to have R bring me back to V.S. when they opened the next morning).

We took our discounted Chrysler 300 and headed for Casa Grande, AZ. We only made one stop along the way in Julian, CA cuz its known for its apples, and it was a super cute tiny town. The Julian nuthouse supplied us with some delish cider which tasted as good as it was worth, which I'm not going to tell you how much, but now I can say I had fresh cider from an apple town.
And they had a store just for me:
Once in AZ Ken brought us to his favorite hiking spot, its called something like Picacho Peak, he can climb it a couple time a day and its a good hike. Here's a little part of it. Sure was a nice day, loved being in the sun after no sunny days in back home.

The desert was fun too, its so weird to come from tundra and trees to the desert.

Check it out its B.O.B. from 'Monsters vs. Aliens', who needs a cardboard cutout, phht!

Ken's daughter Leah was visiting also, which I'm glad it evened us up a bit, 2 guys, 2 girls, and it was fun having her to go shopping with. She helped me shop for dresses for the cruise and we got like 6 dresses for under $100. Thank you ROSS, why wont you come to Alaska, I would visit you often.

This is another fun hike up to some pools, dont remember what they're called.
If my R see's anything dangerous, scary, or anything that screams 'climb me and I'll make sure you fall to your death' he's all over it. Oh, did I say if, I meant when... "Oh look a waterfall trickling over big smooth boulders on a cliff, we should crawl down the slippery rocks and take a look." Makes me glad to be the photographer so I can say "ok, you go, I'll stay here where its semi-safe and take pictures"

Ok, so the next post will be the cruise... and it shouldnt take another 2 months, hopefully!


Valli said...

That sushi looks so good! What is Ryan holding exactly? And how the heck did he climb a cactus?

Laci J said...

He's holding the sushi chef's personal knife, its funny cuz he gave him a little talkin to before he handed it to him. And the cactus climb happens to be a trade secret, I'm sorry but I cant say!