Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things I wish I could tell my cat...

Dear Bocy,

    I love you a lot but there's some things you need to understand:

You're not queen of the mountain when you sit on the top step.
I dont perform crazy rituals that require mice heads.
When the adults are feeling cuddly, its not an invitation.
The bathroom sink has more germs than your regularly cleaned but never drunk from cat bowl.
You're not better than other cats, just prettier.
The printer is not an enemy, so quit swatting it.


             Your favorite person in the whole world
                (its okay to let me know that too)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iphone Pix... so much fun

OK, I seriously LOVE my new phone...
R said he'd buy me one for when we move down south, cuz my current carrier is not there, its just AT&T...
which was exciting cuz it meant I could get the new iphone
I think the best thing about it is all the pic apps...
Currently LOVING Instagram, Hipstamatic, & Pocketbooth

Here's a few pics since I've got my phone...
this is just after my surgery, R took a pic of me all drugged up... I hate waking up from anesthesia!
(Photoshop app)
 Couldnt move but wanted to use my camera, so took pics of what was around me, haha
(Instagram app)
 Good waste of time, especially when you're not mobile...
 Last night while our house was being shown I finally got use my photo apps with the kids
Our house looks so good!
(Hipstamatic App)
 My Dahlia's are blooming
My FAVE app of all...

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Family Fun Day!!!

As you all know I'm totally into kids right now... I guess thats all I have to say as to why most of pics from the 4th of July are of cute children.
This is my niece Charlotte!
She's really happy to be with me in this pic, even tho it looks like she's staring at a dog that's about to eat her...
Our Pioneer Peak Ward has a party every year to celebrate the 4th.
It was pretty fun, some things fell through but they still had a fishing pond for the kids, the tug-a-war, LOTS of food, games, etc.

The Chef's Br. Collins & Br. Morris (goofballs)
 Oh look, a BABY!!!
This is the closest baby to me!  Literally, she lives next door!
She's gonna be a hot redhead! And I think she's gonna be completely toned down as Elizabeth & Henry's  sister.
Lydia! Man, I need to get some pics of this girl dont I!
 Speak of the little warrior, here's Henry dressed in his red, white, & blue!
He totally reminded me of  'Terminator' with this headband.
Doesnt the main character in Terminator wear something like this in the end, or am I thinking of something else?
Others said he looked like something else but I cant remember.

 Spence, Yol, Marky & I went frisbee golfing, also known as frolfing according to Spencer.
I just go with it!
 And Yol thought it'd be fun to get a jumping pic...
I dont think she'd ever had one before, cuz when I showed it to her on the camera she started laughing so hard she fell on the ground and couldnt get up, just kept laughing like it was the funniest thing ever!
I have a bunch more pics to post as I got a new iphone 4 and have been having lots of fun with cool camera apps.  Also, I lost my old cell phone with all the numbers on it so you all should text me and give me your #'s again (still have the same #, I had it switched through carriers).  I've been down for a bit since my surgery last week but hopefully will be recovered soon to get my butt in gear and post more often.