Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iphone Pix... so much fun

OK, I seriously LOVE my new phone...
R said he'd buy me one for when we move down south, cuz my current carrier is not there, its just AT&T...
which was exciting cuz it meant I could get the new iphone
I think the best thing about it is all the pic apps...
Currently LOVING Instagram, Hipstamatic, & Pocketbooth

Here's a few pics since I've got my phone...
this is just after my surgery, R took a pic of me all drugged up... I hate waking up from anesthesia!
(Photoshop app)
 Couldnt move but wanted to use my camera, so took pics of what was around me, haha
(Instagram app)
 Good waste of time, especially when you're not mobile...
 Last night while our house was being shown I finally got use my photo apps with the kids
Our house looks so good!
(Hipstamatic App)
 My Dahlia's are blooming
My FAVE app of all...

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~Love Baby Blue said...

I hope you are doing better! Stop by and see me before you leave out !